Brings 10+ years of production coordinating expertise with advanced knowledge of unscripted and documentary film. Recognized for ability to successfully meet deadlines and juggle multiple titles simultaneously with fastidious attention to detail. Skilled communicator; adept at managing requests from all stakeholders. Flexible and adaptable; complemented by strong organizational skills and the ability to work both autonomously and as a member of a team. Creative thinker and seeker of reliable solutions and innovations. Brings unique skill set from production work in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Africa and Europe for broadcast and theatrical titles.


Areas of expertise include:

Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Managing Multiple Projects Simultaneously 

Internal & External Communications | Creating Production Decks 

 Prioritizing | Meeting Deadlines 

Budgeting with AICP & Movie Magic 

Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Everything & Adobe Suite


Production Coordinator + Production Manager

2008 - 2018

Project Lab Films

Project Lab was a production company I created as the documentary incubator within E.M.P Inc. I worked with directors & edit teams to take stories from idea to post production. Often the position evolved beyond coordinating to all aspects of production including managing and producing. 

Pre-production involved extensive research for interviewees and locations. Proficient at finding the best fixers, drivers and crews internationally and throughout the United States. Managed all aspects of production and hiring of additional crew. Filmed in Europe, Africa, Australia and various locations throughout the U.S. Films have premiered at SXSW, Sundance, AFI, Los Angeles Film Fest and Double Exposure.

Production Coordinator + Production Manager + Producer ​

2000 - 2011

E.M.P. Inc.

Hired as in house production coordinator which soon evolved into working concurrently as production manager and/or producer on unscripted “behind the scenes” and EPK content. Successfully managed multiple titles and teams simultaneously, both locally and globally. Managed requests from in house team and external stakeholders seamlessly. Tracked progress of all titles, created production bibles, schedules and wrap outs. Bid and reconciled budgets, audited jobs and tracked overages. Clients served by E.M.P. Inc: Warner Brothers, HBO, Paramount and Universal. 

Freelance Production Coordinator

1998 - 2000

H.S.I./Venus Productions/Tony Kaye Productions/Dektor Film Group

Freelance production coordinator on commercials. Worked with award winning directors - Matthew Rolston, Tony Kaye, Leslie Dektor and Paul Dektor. 


B.F.A San Francisco Art Institute

Major: Film & Photography


2015 Edward R. Murrow Award
2015 National Headliner Award
LAFF Audience Choice Award 
Social Justice Fund Nominee


Working with creative minds to produce professional and well imagined documentaries.

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Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest (Documentary)

Real Super Heroes: Real Vigilantes (Documentary short)

True Guardians of the Earth (Documentary short) 

Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year with Andre Williams (Documentary)

End of Truth (Documentary) 

Killing The Messenger: The Deadly Cost of News (Documentary)
Ayamy(Documentary short) 


HBO First Look: 300 (TV Series documentary short)

HBO First Look: Watchmen (TV Series documentary short)

HBO First Look: The Matrix Revolutions (TV Series documentary short) 

Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World 

(Documentary short)

The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics (Documentary short)


Blokes, Birds and Backenders (Documentary short)

 Guy's Town (Documentary short)

Action! The Stunts and Special Effects of 'Traitor'  (Short film/EPK)

International Espionage: An In-Depth Look at Traitor's Exotic Locations (Short film/EPK) 

The 300: Fact or Fiction? (Short film/EPK)

From Location: Joel Silver Reveals 'House of Wax' (Short film/EPK)

Speed Racer: Car Fu (Documentary short)


Speed Racer: Ramping Up (Documentary short)

Spritle in the Big Leagues (Documentary short)


Speed Racer: Wonderful World of Racing - The Amazing Racer Family (Documentary short)


Character Confessionals (Documentary short)


One Summer in Austin: The Story of Filming 'A Scanner Darkly' (Documentary short)

The Weight of the Line: Animation Tales (Documentary short)

Return to Source: Philosophy & 'The Matrix' (Documentary short)

The Burly Man Chronicles (Documentary short)


The Hard Problem: The Science Behind the Fiction (Documentary short)

The Matrix Recalibrated (Documentary short)

Crash Course (Documentary short)

'Enter the Matrix' (Documentary short)

The Matrix Revisited (Documentary short)

Watchmen: Maximum Movie Mode (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Attention to Details (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Blue Monday (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Burn Baby Burn(Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Dave Gibbons (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Dressed for Success (Short film/EPK)


Watchmen Focus Point: Girls Kick Ass (Short film/EPK)


Watchmen Focus Point: Minutemen  (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Rorschach's Mask (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Sets & Sensibility (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: Shoot to Thrill (Short film/EPK)

Watchmen Focus Point: The Ship Has Eyes (Short film/EPK)

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